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A precious, necessary element – for the planet, and for the humans that inhabit it. The demands upon water have grown with the land’s development; development driven by human demands.

The most important element in any economy. While it is important to have diverse and competing energy sources – reality is that hydrocarbons will remain our dominate energy source for the foreseeable future. Oil and gas have been the foundation of Texas economic success.

It is what was sought when first coming to this hemisphere. The move West was in search of more land still; the pioneering spirit raised to meet new challenges. The land challenged to continue to protect and heal.


When we think about a meridian, we typically think of an imaginary, suspended line on a map.

The 98th Meridian is different.
The 98th meridian, which runs through the heart of Texas, is the longitude line separating east and west, arid and moist climate. Just as the 98th meridian represents a demarcation where the landscape changes, the 98th Meridian Foundation represents a new frontier of thinking about how to solve the problems surrounding these issues in bold, innovative ways.

The 98th Meridian Foundation is dedicated to working on solutions to problems that take into account the big picture and attempt to preserve and improve what makes Texas great. The Foundation will approach problems with a long-term vision, looking through a free market-oriented lens in an attempt to strengthen the traditional communities of Texas, especially rural communities.
Because of the close nexus of these issues, we must examine how potential solutions affect land, water and energy production individually and collectively. Land, water and energy are the three legs holding up the metaphorical stool of Texas life, and we must see that all three legs are strong and in good repair.
W A T E R  •  E N E R G Y  •  L A N D
“We must attack problems and find freedom affirming solutions that will maintain water, energy and land as the backbone strengths of Texas existence. As we examine the Texas landscape, the most immediate threat I see of losing the true Texas Lifestyle is in the viability of small town and rural Texas. If we are to continue with a high quality of life and a strong economy in Texas (especially in light of our large population growth) the nexus of water, energy and land will remain vital issues to all Texans.”

- The Hon. David J. Porter

Our Founder

DP image.jpg
David Porter served as a Texas Railroad Commissioner from 2011 to 2017. During his time on the Commission, Porter earned a reputation for being an astute, pragmatic decision-maker with a unique ability to bring together multiple stakeholders on differing sides of an issue, build consensuses and carefully craft fact-based and science-based regulation over the oil, natural gas and related industries.
After leaving office, Porter had a strong desire to continue the vital work he performed at the Commission and maintain involvement in the important issues that impact our state. He founded 98th Meridian Foundation, a nonprofit organization, which aims to study, educate and initiate high-level dialogue around issues in order to bring forth reasonable solutions. These issues all seemed to fall within three general areas: water, land and energy. They are of great importance to all Texans, our economy and, indeed, life itself.

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